Summer Solstice Workshop

Marking the end of spring and the start of the summer, the summer solstice has been celebrated throughout the UK in a variety of ways since Pagan times.

I have held solstice celebrations at a number of locations over the years and they usually revolve around yoga and meditation, and followed afterwards with lively chat and a sumptuous picnic that is supplied by all. Lasting late into the night, don’t forget to bring a torch!

Full Moon Workshop

The full moon is a special time to focus on the energy of the moon and to align with the power of nature, connecting to its beauty and abundance at a time when other like-minded people will be doing the same around the world.

The moon has an effect on the tides and considering our own bodies contain 75% water as do animals and plants, it is therefore unsurprising that a full moon will have an effect on us and the whole of nature.

I will be holding moon salutations and meditations every month on the full moon at various locations and times depending on weather and times of year. For further details please contact me or view the latest newsletter.