Walk into the woods, and come out taller than the trees

Henry David Thoreau

About Lizzie

I am a devoted yogi, with a perfectly imperfect body.

From an early age, having suffered a series of debilitating illnesses that supposedly could not be cured, I became determined to find my own answers.

Always happiest in nature, it was important to me to find the answer through a natural source. Yoga came first with its ability to enable me to control pain and discomfort, in both mind and body. It immediately had an enormous effect on me, I was amazed how such gentle movements could be so powerful. I took to it with openness and sensitivity and was rewarded by its gift of creating space for healing both within and without.

This was followed 10 years later after a sudden illness I discovered massage and healing. The results once more life-changing and I was instantly on the route to help others the way I had been.

Now 30 years on I have found Altai massage, which in a unique way, connects the advantages of both yoga and massage.

The peace I experience in all I do both within the class and the therapy room is enormously rewarding for everyone including me.

About Mark

I have been practising yoga for over 30 years now, and during that time I spent several years doing Pilates under Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thompson’s Body Control in South Kensington in the late 80s, early 90s when Pilates first came to the UK.

Having suffered from back pain in my early twenties from bending over a drawing board and holding a variety of electric guitars too often, I was introduced to yoga by a wonderful healer called Anna Le Gallois who specialised in healing dancers and singers – a world that I happened to move in at the time. She was the most inspirational person I’ve ever met…Second only to my wife, Lizzie, of course!

Having spent many years with a variety of different teachers, all with different teaching methods and philosophies I’d categorise mine as meditative but always with a strong Zenways path running through it. Fads in yoga come and go, but the underlying essence is always there and, for me, it is my mainstay.

I count my blessings everyday that I can continue to practise what is close to my heart with those around me who are just as close to me.

As I am a trainee teacher, Lizzie is my guide, all my classes are discussed and devised with Lizzie beforehand.

Four evenings a week I will be offering Yoga Nidra and Meditation, alternately, directly after the evening classes.