Yoga and Mindfulness with Lizzie Winwood

Let us not extinguish our candle within but let it shine out beyond what we see and what we perceive to see.

I invite you to join me in my weekly practise. I offer you my own unique yoga style, it’s what I do daily and have been for over 40 years.

Since being diagnosed with arthritis in my mid-teens yoga has been a life-safer. For me, its heart is within meditation and mindfulness creating space both within and without, focusing on harmony between mind and body as a tool for self-healing, peace and contentment.

The style I have created has been taken from snippets of the numerous styles of yoga I have practiced over the years. It includes a measure of Hatha, a dash of Kundalini, a slice of Pilates all topped off with a warming cup of my own take on yoga.

"It is always inspiring when you share your practice with us."

Elaine, Hamstreet

"I enjoy the yoga soooo much Thank you."

Carol, Wittersham

"I freely admit that I'm no superwoman! And, that the challenges of family and work life have, over the years, had an impact on both mind and body. Through Lizzie's welcoming, informal and supportive yoga classes I am gently relaxed and strengthened for the week. I thoroughly recommend that you experience some of Lizzie's magic and positivity."

Sarah, Brookland