Walk into the woods, and come out taller than the trees

Henry David Thoreau

I am a devoted yogi, with a perfectly imperfect body.

From an early age, having suffered a series of debilitating illnesses that supposedly could not be cured, I became determined to find my own answers.

Always happiest in nature, it was important to me to find the answer through a natural source. Yoga came first with its ability to enable me to control pain and discomfort, in both mind and body. It immediately had an enormous effect on me, I was amazed how such gentle movements could be so powerful. I took to it with openness and sensitivity and was rewarded by its gift of creating space for healing both within and without.

This was followed 10 years later after a sudden illness I discovered massage and healing. The results once more life-changing and I was instantly on the route to help others the way I had been.

Now 30 years on I have found Altai massage, which in a unique way, connects the advantages of both yoga and massage.

The peace I experience in all I do both within the class and the therapy room is enormously rewarding for everyone including me.

Lizzie's Testimonials


"Lizzie is a sensitive, caring and wise healer, with a depth of experience, knowledge and integrity in her work. I am grateful to have received bodywork from her wise hands, which left me feeling deeply relaxed and renewed. Thank you so much Lizzie, for all that you are."

Daniela Broder, yoga teacher, healer. Scotland                  


"Lizzie is a very gifted healer. She combines her natural grace and presence with technical aptitude and a laser sharp intuition to affect immediate change and long-term healing. The instant relief to an aching body, soothing of a fractious mind and experience of an inner space become the fertile bed for healing, growth and increased resilience. I would encourage anyone to consult Lizzie and discover her healing gift for themselves."

Renée van der Vloodt. Psychotherapist, coach, trainer                  


On Yoga and Altai Massage: "I freely admit that I'm no superwoman! And, that the challenges of family and work life have, over the years, had an impact on both body and mind. Through Lizzie's welcoming, informal and supportive yoga classes (I was new to yoga) I am gently relaxed and strengthened for the week. Also, I have found Lizzie's massage so helpful - not only to treat troublesome aches and tension but also to promote a certain lightness of mind and body. I thoroughly recommend that you experience some of Lizzie's magic and positivity."

Sarah, Fairfield

On Yoga: "Thanks again for being such a joyful teacher and I feel that your voice carries a lot of healing and uplifting positive energy which along too with your positive approach makes you a wonderful yoga teacher."

Nicola, Winchelsea Beach

On the Stone Yoga Classes: "I’ve really been enjoying the atmosphere there and your teaching."

Ally, Hamstreet

On Animal Altai: "Dear Lizzie, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to write and thank you for your help and diagnosis of Rocky. You were quite right and three days later an abscess burst out of the back of his heal. Although it was quite serious and was has taken along time to go down. We are now back in action. He is such a sweet horse and I think we are definitely not going to sell him now.

    I would love it if you could come and see him and maybe give him the once over as you mentioned to AL that he had a trapped nerve under his saddle, which will need to be sorted before too long and I would love to meet you. Yours thankfully and forever grateful."

Alex, Udimore

On Yoga and Altai Massage: "I came across Lizzie and Altai massage on the internet. Her practice was at a new centre for well-being and holistic healing in Rye called the Elysian centre. I read Lizzie's testament about her practise and something in it spoke to me. I had been wanting to stop smoking for a long time and felt that I had to start with my body and face my demons. I hadn't told Lizzie that I smoked as that wasn't the only reason I was seeking help."

I called Lizzie and spoke with her on the phone. She was so kind and reassuring that I felt I could commit to making an appointment. I use the word commit because I knew I was about to change my life. I have been a smoker since the age of 13 I am now 52 and I knew that I had to stop but it's hard. Facing your addiction is like standing up to a bully. You need help and I didn't want to wait until I got sick to listen to my body.

Seeing Lizzie and experiencing Altai massage has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I wasn't sure what to expect. I felt vulnerable. It's hard for me to trust people but I felt safe with Lizzie. At the first treatment, something happened - It was like my body started to respond immediately, like someone switching a light on in a dark room and finally you can see where the door is. You can open it and leave that dark room forever. To me it 'felt' like waves of light scanning my body like a search and rescue. It's as if you can hear your body talking because someone is listening, finally letting go of the sad stuff with out you having to verbalise whats wrong.

I know Lizzie does not ever take credit for the good things that happen when she is practising Altai yoga. She says she is simply a channel. I feel that she really is.I do understand what she means. I am a children's author and illustrator. I too feel that I am a channel and everything flows through me and onto the page.

I haven't smoked a tobacco cigarette since my first appointment, It wasn't obvious to me at first that this was happening it just happened.I am not saying that will happen for everyone this has happened for me because I felt that I had the strength to gradually let go. Lizzie gave me that strength through the Altai massage. I do have an Ecigarette but I intend on giving that up in 2017 because I now know that I can. I wanted to heal that is why I found Lizzie and Altai Massage.It is about the body healing it self but you have got to take your self there too. Altai massage makes me feel I can grow and become the person that deep down I know that I am. Thank you Lizzie for caring so much and helping me to begin to finally care about myself.

Polly, Rye

"Nature provides the answers but never asks questions – the answer to healing begins from within."

Lizzie Winwood